What I Love About Working On My House

Hey there! Welcome to my blog and my first official post where I share stories about my endeavors, trials and tribulations of working on houses, both inside and out. My name is Johnny, my true passion in life is being in the great outdoors and improving the value of my home. And also, helping others who feel the same. Because when one keeps up on the regular maintenance activities of their house, their home value will never drop and it may even increase if extensive improvements have been made such as landscaping, a new roof, remodeling and much more. Talk about a fun endeavor! I get to do stuff I love and in turn make money on my home by doing so! Talk about a win, win.

Hard Grass and Landscaping Works Bring a Big Payoff

Keeping one’s lawn and landscaping and the rest of their outdoor space in their house looking prime can boost the value of your home in addition to making it look amazing. According to a recent article from the Washington Post, the average return on investment for a newly built or constructed landscape can yield anywhere from a 100 percent to one-thousand percent return on investment.

a backyard landscaping renovation

These numbers vary on many d

ifferent factors as sometimes extremely intrinsic landscaping features such as a full rose garden or plants that require maintenance more than four times per year, could shy buyers away due to the amount of time or money they would have to spend on maintenance.

It is just plain common sense that when prospective home buyers are looking at a new home, a recently renovated landscape or well kept lawn area that looks inviting versus an outdoor space that is overgrown, dreary and ugly, will sell faster, unless the prospects are looking for a fixer upper. Comparatively speaking, if you went on a first date with someone and they looked atrocious, the likelihood of continued interest diminishes.

Sure-Fire Ways To Retain or Increase Home Value With Landscaping

Not everything one will do will guarantee a high return on investment for their landscaping project. That said, here are some things that basically anybody can do to enhance the look of their home on the cheap:

  • Keep the yard weed free and green whenever possible, if you do not have an underground irrigation system, consider purchasing
  • Add annual flowers and other shrub varieties that offer vibrant colors near the front door
  • Edge the lawn along the driveway and sidewalks
  • Add mulch to the landscaping and garden beds if the existing mulch is old and tired
  • Mow regularly – make sure to mow higher during the hot summer months

When it comes to landscape work and grass cutting, you can always guarantee a personal gain (as opposed to monetary) return on investment from a job well done. Even if you break even or maybe even lost a little financially on your landscaping, when it comes time to sell your property – you still got to achieve the look you wanted and enjoy the time with a fantastic outdoor space.

Here are some additional tips to enhance one’s lawn and landscape areas to make it stand out from the neighbors.